Designing With Art: Hanging Art

So you’ve found a piece of art you absolutely love, you’ve got the perfect spot for it…. but how will you hang it? Proper positioning is key to showcasing your art and giving it impact. In addition, you want to be sure to use the right methods for hanging your piece, so it’s secure on […]

Product of the Week: Malachite

Lately we’ve been loving the over-the-top luxe feel of malachite. This deep green mineral has been prized for centuries thanks to its vibrant color and detailed veining. Historically, malachite has been used as a pigment, in jewelry, and in decorative arts, among other uses. From the Old World opulence of the Hermitage Museum to surrealist […]

Product of the Week: Fun Children’s Bedding by Snurk

Children’s spaces are so much fun to design, because there’s a lot of freedom to be creative with themes, features, and colors. However, it can be a challenge to find stylish, fun children’s bedding. Many of the more child-oriented offerings don’t lend themselves to integrating with the rest of your decor due to color, pattern, […]

Bachelor Design: All In Poker Table by Akke Poker Tables

We recently learned about Akke Custom Poker Tables and their beautifully crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces. Akke designer Axel Yberg creates modern classic pieces with finished and live edge slabs of wood, intricate inlays, metal, and glass. His All In poker table claims to be the world’s most expensive poker table, and we can believe it. Created […]

Product of the Week: Nurseryworks Cribs and Baby Furniture

It can be difficult to find distinctive, stylish ideas and options for nurseries. But, as we saw earlier this week with our roundup of stylish nurseries, there are some wonderfully creative ideas out there for every style. As we were looking at nursery images, we came across the Nurseryworks line of furniture. Designed by Tamara […]

Artist of the Month: Sharon Lee Studio

We are excited to introduce July’s Artist of the Month, Sharon Lee of Sharon Lee Studio! A dear friend of KRD, Sharon is a painter who recently launched a debut line of signature handmade wallcoverings inspired by her art. She was kind enough to talk with us about her inspirations, her creative process, and the […]

Product of the Week: BCTD Stool by Michael C. Poulsen

We always love to learn about new designs and products, so we were delighted this week when architect and furniture designer Michael C. Poulsen contacted us about his new line. Michael is working with Japanese furniture company Conde House to create beautifully crafted contemporary pieces such as the BCTD stool. We love how the BCTD […]

Product of the Week: Malachite Dessert Service by L’Objet

While researching options for a client’s formal dinner service this week, we were struck by the range of beautiful, distinctive options from L’Objet. Founded by interior designer Elad Yifrach, L’Objet’s offerings reflect Yifrach’s commitment to “a life of beauty” and his reverence for timeless craftsmanship. The line’s handcrafted pieces in porcelain and precious metal take […]

Featured Artist: Christina Baker

Recently, we were looking for original art for a project when we discovered the work of Nashville-area artist Christina Baker. We loved her use of color and the sense of movement in her abstract paintings. Christina is a self-taught artist who says she is inspired by “life’s ever-changing environment.” Her paintings combine soothing neutrals, soft […]

Inspiration: Decorating with Mirrors, Part 2

Your options are practically limitless when decorating with mirrors – that’s part of why we love using them. Earlier this week, we began looking at some of the many ways to incorporate mirrors into your decor. Our first post focused on two of the most versatile types of mirror, the large-scale mirror and the mirror-framed […]