Product of the Week: Delta Pendants by Rich Brilliant Willing

Earlier this week, we shared some gorgeous spaces that feature clustered pendant lights. Today, we’re sharing a pendant light that’s ideal for using in a cluster. Designed by Rich Brilliant Willing, a Brooklyn-based furniture and lighting design studio, the “Delta” Pendant series features five different styles of pendant lights, each a different size and shape. […]

Product of the Week: Lumio Lamp

It’s always exciting to see new technologies showing up in the world of design, and recently we came across a truly innovative product that we just had to share. The “Lumio” lamp is a 21st-century creation in more ways than one. Designed by architect Max Gunawan, its development and production were financed through the crowdfunding […]

Product of the Week: Stylish Pet Beds

Earlier in the week, we looked at ways to incorporate pet-friendly details into your new home or remodel. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite stylish pet beds. While we love the custom feel of a built-in solution, we also love stylish pet beds that can become part of your decor. All too often, […]

Product of the Week: Stylish Desk Accessories

Even as the modern office embraces technology and moves away from paper, we find there’s still a need for old fashioned office basics. Pens, pencils, paper, envelopes, and the like – they still play an important role in the office. Naturally, keeping these essentials close at hands means you need stylish desk accessories. Our favorite […]

Product of the Week: Hybrid Dinnerware by Seletti

Regular readers of our blog know how much we love bold, exciting pieces for the table. Naturally, the Hybrid dinnerware collection by CTRL + Zak for Seletti is very popular around the KRD office. This collection of porcelain dinnerware combines two different patterns for a unique, East meets West look. Each piece juxtaposes half of […]

Product of the Week: Ted Muehling Tea Strainer

Sure, we love a big, bold statement piece, but sometimes we want a more delicate, understated beauty. This Ted Muehling tea strainer is just the sort of delicate piece we love. It’s wonderfully detailed and beautifully crafted, but it’s also meant to be used and enjoyed every day. Made of sterling silver and handcrafted in […]

Product of the Week: Malachite

Lately we’ve been loving the over-the-top luxe feel of malachite. This deep green mineral has been prized for centuries thanks to its vibrant color and detailed veining. Historically, malachite has been used as a pigment, in jewelry, and in decorative arts, among other uses. From the Old World opulence of the Hermitage Museum to surrealist […]

Product of the Week: Fun Children’s Bedding by Snurk

Children’s spaces are so much fun to design, because there’s a lot of freedom to be creative with themes, features, and colors. However, it can be a challenge to find stylish, fun children’s bedding. Many of the more child-oriented offerings don’t lend themselves to integrating with the rest of your decor due to color, pattern, […]

Product of the Week: Vintage Pendant Lights from Remains Lighting

We love antique lighting for the unique looks and beautiful character that you can only get with vintage pieces. At the same time, we always want to select fixtures for our clients that are reliable, conform to modern electrical standards, and are preferably UL- listed, which can be hard to find with vintage pieces. That’s […]

Product of the Week: Nurseryworks Cribs and Baby Furniture

It can be difficult to find distinctive, stylish ideas and options for nurseries. But, as we saw earlier this week with our roundup of stylish nurseries, there are some wonderfully creative ideas out there for every style. As we were looking at nursery images, we came across the Nurseryworks line of furniture. Designed by Tamara […]