Armani Casa

We just received some of the new editorial shots from Jovani at Armani Casa. Often a go to for KRD for their beautiful fabrics and furniture, inspired by Asian sensibilities and the latest runway fashion Armani Casa is a byword for elegance and style. For the past 10 years, Giorgio Armani’s living dream of a […]

Artist of the Month: Stephen Rowe

February’s Artist of the Month, Stephen Rowe, draws inspiration from his youth in Australia as well as his life in America to create paintings that signify feelings of beauty, love, hurt, loss, movement, family and ultimately the continuous search for happiness. We spoke with Stephen about how he got his start as an artist, and […]

Product of the Week: Delta Pendants by Rich Brilliant Willing

Earlier this week, we shared some gorgeous spaces that feature clustered pendant lights. Today, we’re sharing a pendant light that’s ideal for using in a cluster. Designed by Rich Brilliant Willing, a Brooklyn-based furniture and lighting design studio, the “Delta” Pendant series features five different styles of pendant lights, each a different size and shape. […]

Inspiration: Pendant Light Clusters

One of our favorite things about lighting is its ability to transform a space. Depending on how much lighting you use, the scale of your fixtures, the finish you pick, or where you place the fixtures, you can give your room a completely different look. While we’ll always love the impact of a single, large […]

Product of the Week: Lumio Lamp

It’s always exciting to see new technologies showing up in the world of design, and recently we came across a truly innovative product that we just had to share. The “Lumio” lamp is a 21st-century creation in more ways than one. Designed by architect Max Gunawan, its development and production were financed through the crowdfunding […]

Design Fundamentals: Using Natural Stone in the Bathroom

We absolutely love natural stone and use it frequently on our projects. Natural stone is an incredibly versatile material offering an endless range of options for all styles. While we love natural stone in a variety of areas, we particularly love how it enhances a bathroom. Depending on the material you choose, natural stone can […]

Inspiration: Geometric Interiors

Lately we’ve found ourselves drawn to geometric pieces for their bold, graphic appeal. While we love the innovative,  unique look of geometric architecture, we also love to bring this look inside. Geometric interiors can be contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, and there are countless ways to incorporate geometric elements. You can add a small […]

Inspiration: Geometric Architecture

We’ve always loved clean lines, bold shapes, and strong elements. When working on contemporary projects in particular, we often rely on shape and texture to add depth and interest to a room, especially when working with a limited palette of colors. Whether a bold, graphic statement or a more subtle detail, these geometric elements are […]

Product of the Week: Nurseryworks Cribs and Baby Furniture

It can be difficult to find distinctive, stylish ideas and options for nurseries. But, as we saw earlier this week with our roundup of stylish nurseries, there are some wonderfully creative ideas out there for every style. As we were looking at nursery images, we came across the Nurseryworks line of furniture. Designed by Tamara […]

In Progress: Bold Contemporary Living Room

Our Aspen Oak project has always had a sophisticated contemporary style and a warm color palette. As we’ve moved from room to room, though, that color palette has evolved quite a bit. We started in the kitchen and family room with warm beiges and rose golds, with hints of green and bronze. On the deck, […]