Our Process

We aim to provide a flawless experience, not just a flawless end result. With that aim, we make full use of cloud-based and mobile technology to create, update, and access project records from anywhere. With synchronized records, all staff members can instantly access the most current information and respond promptly to questions and requests.

We have developed a system for each project that ensures no detail is overlooked. At the start of a project, we engage our clients in a discussion of their likes, dislikes, needs, and goals, as well as a room by room review of how they plan to use their space. From there, we’ll develop a complete and detailed design for each area.

The initial phase of the project also involves a detailed meeting with the contractor to review the construction schedule, budget, plans, and any challenges. Understanding the contractor’s needs from the outset ensures that we can collaborate successfully, meet deadlines, and work with existing budgets and plans.

We maintain clear and open communication, holding regular project meetings, taking detailed notes, and providing comprehensive job site folders. Our attention to detail and high level of service benefits clients and contractors alike as projects proceed smoothly to completion.