Artist of the Month – Baret Boisson

March’s Artist of the Month Baret Boisson’s work conveys a whimsy and personality that transcends the painted medium. Her subjects range from the entertainment industry’s most vibrant screenwriters, actors and producers, to influential leaders, to sloe-eyed dogs. Her love of history is expressed through the figures she’s painted, from Martin Luther King, Jr. to Rosa […]

Inspiration: Pendant Light Clusters

One of our favorite things about lighting is its ability to transform a space. Depending on how much lighting you use, the scale of your fixtures, the finish you pick, or where you place the fixtures, you can give your room a completely different look. While we’ll always love the impact of a single, large […]

Inspiration: Pop of Color

We always advocate having a bit of fun with your interiors. A touch of the unexpected or whimsical adds life and personality to a space, and gives it that uniquely “you” feel. One of our favorite ways to have fun is by adding a pop of color. Whether it’s a color amongst neutrals, muted or […]

Product of the Week: Stylish Pet Beds

Earlier in the week, we looked at ways to incorporate pet-friendly details into your new home or remodel. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite stylish pet beds. While we love the custom feel of a built-in solution, we also love stylish pet beds that can become part of your decor. All too often, […]

Designing for Pets

When designing for our clients, we always pay close attention to the needs, preferences, and daily routines of each family member. Naturally, that includes four-legged family members, too! Our clients’ pets are an important part of their families, so designing their homes means designing for pets, too. One part of designing for pets involves choosing […]

Inspiration: Colorful Kitchens

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s important to design a kitchen that not only functions well, but looks great. For many of us, that usually means making fairly safe choices with neutral colors and classic finishes and fixtures that will stand the test of time. But what if […]

Inspiration: Art Deco Design

We often take inspiration from our surroundings when designing, and being in Los Angeles, we have a wealth of inspiration to choose from. While many architectural styles have left their mark on Los Angeles, it seems to us that many of the city’s most beautiful buildings date from the Art Deco era in the 1930s […]

Artist of the Month: Mattia Biagi

October’s Artist of the Month, Mattia Biagi, draws inspiration from his native Italy as well as his life in America to create innovative multimedia pieces. We spoke with Mattia about how he got his start as an artist, and his latest works. KRD: How long have you been an artist? MB: From the day I […]

Inspiration: Geometric Interiors

Lately we’ve found ourselves drawn to geometric pieces for their bold, graphic appeal. While we love the innovative,  unique look of geometric architecture, we also love to bring this look inside. Geometric interiors can be contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, and there are countless ways to incorporate geometric elements. You can add a small […]

Inspiration: Geometric Architecture

We’ve always loved clean lines, bold shapes, and strong elements. When working on contemporary projects in particular, we often rely on shape and texture to add depth and interest to a room, especially when working with a limited palette of colors. Whether a bold, graphic statement or a more subtle detail, these geometric elements are […]