Designing for Pets

When designing for our clients, we always pay close attention to the needs, preferences, and daily routines of each family member. Naturally, that includes four-legged family members, too! Our clients’ pets are an important part of their families, so designing their homes means designing for pets, too. One part of designing for pets involves choosing […]

In Progress: Bold Contemporary Living Room

Our Aspen Oak project has always had a sophisticated contemporary style and a warm color palette. As we’ve moved from room to room, though, that color palette has evolved quite a bit. We started in the kitchen and family room with warm beiges and rose golds, with hints of green and bronze. On the deck, […]

Custom Details: Sophisticated Contemporary Dining Room Furniture

We’ve been busy installing several rooms at our Aspen Oak project in the past few weeks, and it is so exciting to see these spaces come together!  First we installed the colorful deck, then moved into the living room (a preview of that is coming next week!), and started on the dining room. While the […]

Custom Details: Adding Interest and Drama with Natural Stone

We love working with natural stone for its beauty and versatility. Since it is a natural material, every slab is unique, and each type of stone has very different qualities, colors, and patterns. One of our favorite things about natural stone is how much it can affect the look of a space. A simpler piece […]

Custom Details: Lush, Modern Entry

At our Martin Lane project in Beverly Hills, we transformed a dark and dated house into a warm contemporary retreat. Inspiration for the design came from a variety of sources, including iconic European modern styles, classic mid-century California architecture, traditional Asian and Southeast Asian homes, and the house’s own hillside location and breathtaking views. This […]

Custom Details: Elegant Lighting Installation

Custom work is always one of our favorite parts of a project, because it gives us an opportunity to create a piece that is perfectly suited to a space. Size, style, color, materials- when doing custom work, we can influence every aspect. Of course, we’re fortunate to have a great team of vendors who enjoy […]