Australian-born, Los Angeles-based interior designer Kym Rodger creates sophisticated spaces that reflect a sense of adventure and boundless creativity, while at the same time radiating timeless elegance and warmth.

The daughter of a landscape designer and an optometrist, Kym travelled the world before settling in the United States. An accomplished painter, she also produced a successful line of jewelry and bespoke bridal accessories. Kym is a lifelong athlete, enjoying daily hikes in the local canyons and more challenging excursions, most recently hiking Yosemite National Park to benefit athletes with disabilities, as well as regular stand up paddleboard excursions in the waters off Los Angeles.

As an artist, Kym constantly seeks and finds inspiration in all aspects of her daily life. As an interior designer, her designs reflect this wealth of inspiration, but even more importantly, they reflect her clients. Kym truly enjoys building personal relationships with her clients that continue well after the completion of a project. She specializes in helping clients to identify their style and feel comfortable discussing it, believing that her clients’ input enhances the design process for all involved.

It is this enthusiasm and sincerity that distinguish Kym and her work from others in her field. Her collaborative approach to working with clients as well as contractors and vendors finds its parallel in her interiors, which are designed to nourish the soul and delight the senses.