Product of the Week: BCTD Stool by Michael C. Poulsen

We always love to learn about new designs and products, so we were delighted this week when architect and furniture designer Michael C. Poulsen contacted us about his new line. Michael is working with Japanese furniture company Conde House to create beautifully crafted contemporary pieces such as the BCTD stool. We love how the BCTD stool has simple, classic lines, yet it’s also memorable and distinctive. Inspired by Japanese woodworking traditions and design aesthetics, the BCTD (“be seated”) is a minimalist piece that’s far from boring. This is thanks to Michael’s approach to design – he tells us that he considers “the smallest design details to be of the greatest importance.” This philosophy is reflected in all of his pieces, as is his belief that “the quality of a product is defined by the level of its details.” The BCTD had its debut at the Asahikawa furniture fair in Japan last month, and for those of us here in the US, Conde House anticipates launching the BCTD in Winter, 2013. The BCTD stool will be stocked in solid ash with a black leather seat, although Conde House plans to offer customization options for the seat and frame as well as the seat height. For more information on the BCTD stool, contact Conde House. For more information on Michael’s designs, contact Michael C. Poulsen.

All images courtesy of Conde House.